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Whole Foods Market announce large scale commercial solar project

whole-foods-market-supermarket-lgWhole Foods Market in conjunction with NRG Energy plans to install rooftop solar at up to 84 Whole Foods stores and distribution centers across 9 states to generate renewable energy onsite. When completed and determined by final negotiations and analysis, the portfolio of solar projects has the potential to generate up to 13.8 megawatts (MW) of solar power.

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These Solar Farms Help—Not Harm—Birds and Bees


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Conservationists and a U.K. company are working to restore and create wildlife habitat at photovoltaic power plants.

In the United Kingdom, threatened animals need all of the habitat they can get—even if it’s under solar panels.

That’s the idea behind a joint project by conservation group Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and alternative energy firm Anesco that aims to create and restore natural habitats at solar farm sites in the U.K.

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