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The Problem of Plastic Waste will require Drastic Measures

Plastic waste is everywhere, but several countries, from Malawi to Morocco, have made plans to phase out plastic shopping bags and other disposable items. Now, following in their footsteps, Great Britain is planning to enact new measures aimed at weaning customers off disposable plastic products that are chucked out after a single use, thereby greatly adding to the already massive amounts of plastic waste.

Among other measures, the European nation will impose a 5 pence (RM0.3) surcharge on single-use plastic bags and lean on retailers to set up plastic-free aisles. The aim, according to Prime Minister Theresa May, is to eradicate all plastic waste within the next 25 years.

So far so good. But here is a problem: that quarter-century timeline is unfeasible. There is way too much plastic waste in the world as it is, and such long-term plans will do little to alleviate the situation in the near future.

The Problem of Plastic Waste will require Drastic Measures

California Creates Definition of “PET” for Resin Coding


Existing law in California requires that rigid plastic containers and rigid plastic bottles be marked with a resin identification code. Bill AB 906, signed by the governor on October 15, creates a definition for PET; beginning on October 1, 2018, containers and bottles marked as “1-PET” will have to meet the new definition. In practice, the new definition will mean that PET-G plastics will no longer be able to be marked as “1-PET” and will have to be marked as “7-Other”.