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Drowning in Garbage

The world produces more than 3.5 million tons of garbage a day — and that figure is growing.

Since early 2016, I have traveled to six major cities around the world (Jakarta, Tokyo, Lagos, New York, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam) to investigate how they manage — or mismanage — their waste. There are some remarkable differences. And a question emerges: Is this just garbage, or is it a resource?

waste landfill capacity

A Closer Look at Circular Economies, Organic Waste and Phosphorus (Part One)

home compost yogurt yoghurt

You open your fridge, looking for a tasty snack, and instead you come face to face with an old container of yogurt. You know this particular container of yogurt is well past its prime so you toss the whole thing, plastic and all, into the garbage bin.

phosphorous compost

To appreciate the value of organic “waste,” let us take a closer look at the example of phosphorus. Phosphorus is a major plant nutrient meaning that all plants, including food crops, require this element to grow.