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We promote systems thinking and the introduction of the cyclic principle into every day business, because any other way is simply not sustainable.


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Thomas Wright
Sustainable BIZness Practices
Project Management
Product Development & Marketing

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DBA: Opportunities and Options from 1983 to 2001

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Reed's Ginger Ice Cream

Natural Foods Consulting: market introductions, sales management, product development, business team training, packaging design, distribution efficiencies, contract negotiations...

Client Short List: Whole Foods Market (Green Mission and 360 Brand), R. W. Knudsen, French Meadow, Reed's


Reed's Ginger Ice Cream (2000)
Worked with copacker to develop unique ginger ice cream flavors:
Chocolate Ginger and Green Tea Ginger. Set up national frozen dessert distribution system.


Knudsen Carrot Chips (1981-1982)
Managed national roll out in 1983. 100% ACV in natural food supermarkets within a year. Led art direction, wrote copy. Promoted carrots as healthy alternative to potatoes.
Knudson Potato Chip
Woman's Bread
Woman's Bread (1987)
Consulted on marketing image and package design. Directed national roll out and assigned brokers. Promoted soya isoflavones for women's diets.
Good Rice
Good Rice (1992-1993)
Co-created crispy rice cakes. Sales topped $3 million within first two years. Packaging, copy, slogan, marketing concept. Promoted restoration of wetlands for egrets and other migratory birds.
Crispy Cakes
Bette's Diner
Bette's Diner (1995)
Introduced line of specialty baking mixes nationally to natural and specialty food stores. Art and design direction, package production. Set up copacker, wrote package copy, designed advertising.

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Tazo Sell Sheet

Beverage Projects: market introductions, sales management, product development, business team training, packaging design, distribution efficiencies, contract negotiations...

Client Short List: R. W. Knudsen, Crystal Geyser Water, Mountain Sun, Calistoga, Reed's, Tazo


Knudson Vegetable Juices
R.W. Knudsen Vegetable Juice (1982)
Created natural foods version of V-8. Developed flavor names: Very Veggie, Chile Verde, and Caliente. Wrote my favorite tag line of all time for Caliente- "Not for the Timid!"
Pippin Apple Juice

R.W. Knudsen (1983)

Developed varietal apple and grape introduction. High quality pippin, gravenstein, concord and cabernet juices with limited production.

Juice Squeeze Poster
Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze (1984)
Invented Juice Squeeze brand and initial four concoctions. Managed sales nationally for five years.
Crystal Geyser Water
Crystal Geyser Water (1985)
Launched first significant competitor to Evian. Created "alpine" brand identity. Directed label art and wrote copy.
Crystal Geyser Water
Mountain Sun
Mountain Sun (1986)
Created brand name Mountain Sun. Managed sales & marketing roll out nationally in 1987. Mountain Sun was the #1 organic apple juice brand when sold to Walnut Acres.
Mountain Sun Sell Sheet
Calistoga Water
Calistoga Water (1992-1997)
Managed all Perrier Group brands for natural and specialty foods for six years. Organized trade shows and ad campaigns in those channels. Managed Volvic brand for two years for all channels of distribution. Perrier Group brands included Poland Spring, Arrowhead, Calistoga, Ozarka, Zephyrhills, Perrier and Vittel.
Reed's Cherry Ginger Brew
Reed's Cherry Ginger Brew (1999)
Introduced new flavor to add to number one selling line of natural sodas. Also managed and assigned brokers and distributors for Virgil's Root Beer and China Cola.
Tazo Teas
Tazo Bottled Teas (2000)
Developed national DSD beverage network for RTD (Ready-to-Drink) tea. Introduced four new flavors.

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CCOF sticker
California Certified Organic Farmers (1984-1985)
Promoted phrase "Certified Organic" to retailers for first time. Wrote all copy for brochure and in store consumer education campaign.

Seventh Generation Poster

Green retail projects: market introductions, sales management, product development, packaging design, distribution efficiencies, contract negotiations...

Client Short List: Seventh Generation, California Certified Organic Farmers

Seventh Generation (1991-1993)
Took product line from mail order only brand to become leading green household brand at retail. Managed distribution, promotion, budgets, hired first national sales manager.


Whole Food Green Mission Products

Whole Foods Markets (2004, 2005)
Green Mission Product Development

Green Mission Party Plate

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