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Popularity of plastic takes toll on oceans, puts human health at risk

Our love affair with plastic—from water bottles, shopping bags, and drinking straws, to consumer product packaging—is taking a toll on the world’s oceans, and damaging the health of people, marine birds, and animals. The filmmakers and scientists behind a new documentary exploring this problem recently joined Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health community members for a film screening and panel discussion. Experts offered solutions for policymakers, as well as steps ordinary citizens can take to reduce plastic pollution.

California Creates Definition of “PET” for Resin Coding


Existing law in California requires that rigid plastic containers and rigid plastic bottles be marked with a resin identification code. Bill AB 906, signed by the governor on October 15, creates a definition for PET; beginning on October 1, 2018, containers and bottles marked as “1-PET” will have to meet the new definition. In practice, the new definition will mean that PET-G plastics will no longer be able to be marked as “1-PET” and will have to be marked as “7-Other”.

Packaging Made From Mushrooms

mushroom-packagingBiomaterials company Ecovative is making packaging out of mushrooms. In the video above, watch the company’s co-founder Eben Bayer explain how it works and the positive impact it has on the environment.